Danielle Peck
West Milford HS
West Milford NJ
Sport: Field Hockey
Position: MF DEF
GPA: 4.0

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Congratulations to the NAHS Class of 2023!

The National Athletic Honor Society is an organization that recognizes, supports and rewards high school student athletes who achieve excellence in the classroom and on the field of play. We encourage and promote good citizenship, sportsmanship, competition, moral character, and friendship among outstanding academic and athletic achievers in high school.
The National Athletic Honor Society believes that your athletic success starts with your education. The intense training, preparedness, and grace under pressure athletes exhibit on the field is furthered by success in the classroom.  

The National Athletic Honor Society seeks to promote individual athletic and academic accomplishment through social media video segments, athlete of the week feature stories and profiles, individual awards, and scholarships. 
The National Athletic Honor Society desires to mentor and provide leadership to high school athletes seeking to continue their academic and athletic careers. We offer our members discounted services through our partnering entities, a mentoring program with former NCAA scholarship athletes, and a platform to highlight Members' achievements. We offer our members access to various speakers and informative seminars for participation in athletics after high school.

The National Athletic Honor Society desires to award annual scholarships to individual student athletes who demonstrate the characteristics and achievement our group promotes.