Article IPurpose 
    I.The National Athletic Honor Society is a society with a mission to recognize, support, and reward high school student-athletes who achieve excellence in academics and athletics. 

Article IIMembership
    I.Members are selected based upon the following criteria:
        a. High School Junior/ Senior who has successfully completed at least two full academic years in a National Athletic Honor Society Member High School;
           b.maintains a cumulative 3.75 GPA during his/her tenure in high school; and 
          c.participates in a High School athletic program for at least two full athletic Varsity seasons (including, but not limited to, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cheer/Spirit Squad, Cross Country/ Track & Field, Dance, Drill, Equine Sports, Fencing, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Rowing/Crew, Rugby, Skiing, Soccer, Softball, Swimming/ Diving, Tennis, Track, Volleyball, Water Polo, and Wrestling). 

Article IIISelection of Members
    I.The National Athletic Honor Society selects members annually. 
    II.Potential members must also illustrate the Five Core Beliefs of the National Athletic Honor Society: Good Citizenship, Sportsmanship, Competition, Moral Character, and Friendship. 

Article IVDiscipline and Dismissal 
    I.Membership in the National Athletic Honor Society will be reconsidered if the criteria listed in Articles II and III is not upheld. 
    II.The dismissal of each member is final and there will be no reconsideration after being asked to leave the National Athletic Honor Society. 

Article VLocal Chapters
    I.Every High School or Home School Association is qualified to become an individual chapter in the National Athletic Honor Society. 
    II.There is an annual fee of $275.00 for each High School chapter.

Article VIExecutive Board
    I.The National Athletic Honor Society will hold annual elections to appoint the Executive Board positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Coordinators of Community Service. 
    II.To become eligible for an Executive Board position, one full year of membership in the National Athletic Honor Society is required. 
    III.Executive Board positions will be chosen by the majority vote of all Chapter members. 

Article VIIMember Representatives 
    I.A Member Representative shall be assigned for each member school to supervise and assist the Executive Board and members in upholding the Five Core Beliefs of the society. 

Article VIII: Meetings
    I.The National Athletic Honor Society will hold at least one meeting per marking period. 
    II.The Executive Board Members will conduct each meeting. 
    III.The purpose of each meeting is to plan and/or inform members of any future events. 
    IV.During the final meeting of the year, Executive Board elections will be held. 

Article IXChapter By-Laws 
    I.The Chapter By-Laws are the set of regulations for the National Athletic Honor Society. 
    II.The By-Laws are subjected to change and may be modified, if necessary. 
    III.By-Laws can be found on the National Athletic Honor Society website, under the “FAQ” page. 

Article X: Official Insignia 
I.The fleur de lis represents power and strength on the field, as well as the unity of all members in the National Athletic Honor Society. 
II.The double-headed eagle represents balance in both aspects of a student-athlete’s life. Members are skilled in balancing academics and athletics in the classroom and on the field to play. 

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